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I am convinced that this, and other related agreements, will lead to faster and more widespread market penetration of silicon nitride, positioning it as the biomaterial of preference for medical applications. Today Unlike other leading biomaterials in the market, silicon nitride contains anti-bacterial properties and also supports rapid bone on-development and in-growth. The foundation of this Summit would be the WHO draft Global Action Plan against antimicrobial resistance. This course of action, currently being discussed at a high-level conference in Stockholm, is defined to be launched in the global world Health Assembly in May. This full week, representatives of some 30 governments and the WHO are meeting in Stockholm, hosted by the general public Health Agency of Sweden.Treatment Treatment for a collarbone fracture is dependent upon the type of fracture and how severe it really is. Most fractures can be treated with simple ease and comfort procedures until they heal. But fractures where bone fragments on each aspect of the break are severely shifted or where in fact the bone is broken into many pieces may necessitate surgery for proper healing. Compound fractures, where in fact the broken bone pierces your skin, require immediate, aggressive treatment to reduce the risk of an infection. For fractures where in fact the bone fragments stay aligned, these remedies are recommended: Ice. To help control the discomfort and swelling connected with a collarbone fracture, apply wrapped ice packs to the affected region for the first 2-3 days after the injury.