A fungal contaminant found in many grain and legume stocks.

What exactly are the best sources? Among the best is juice parsley. Grow your personal parsley , after that juice it with some other vegetables and fruits to make a chlorophyll-rich, highly-nutritious beverage! Sources because of this story include:.. Chlorophyll blocks absorption of toxic carcinogens A recent study conducted by researchers from Oregon State University has discovered that chlorophyll works effectively to block bodily absorption of aflatoxin, a fungal contaminant found in many grain and legume stocks.CBSNews.com Special Record: H1N1 On Thursday, a World Health Corporation official said they’ll hold a specialist meeting afterwards this month to consider if the swine flu pandemic’s peak has passed,. WHO’s emergency committee will give its verdict to U.N. Health chief Margaret Chan on if the global outbreak has entered a transition period, the agency’s flu chief Keiji Fukuda said. This is a period in which we consider that the pandemic continues to be continuing, but that the worst of the outbreak has ended, he said. WHO declared swine flu a pandemic last June, when it announced the virus had reached phase six on its alert level – the agency’s highest designation.