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Some individuals may even benefit from oral steroids such as for example prednisone. If signs of infections are present, such as for example pus, redness, or localized warmth the patient should consult a healthcare professional then. Oral antibiotics are often recommended to prevent secondary bacterial infection. Some antibiotics can cause sensitivity to the sun, so use a sunscreen if a person will need to have sun exposure during treatment. Pain may be relieved with acetaminophen or ibuprofen taken according to manufacturers direction.. Bristleworm Sting Treatment Treatment for a bristleworm sting includes the next: Remove bristles with tweezers or adhesive tape.The purity of rAgkisacutacin was analysed by SCE.Total size imageBiological activity of rAgkisacutacinThe binding affinity of rAgkisacutacin to solid-stage rGPIb was determined and compared with nAgkisacutacin by ELISA . Both rAgkisacutacin and bound to rGPIb in a concentration-dependent manner nAgkisacutacin, with extremely identical half-maximal binding concentrations of 6. 6a). The ex vivo FACS assay with individual whole blood demonstrated that the binding actions of rAgkisacutacin and nAgkisacutacin had been 79.4 percent and 86.5 percent, respectively . Antiplatelet activity was measured by ristocetin-induced platelet aggregation assay.