A common complication of diabetes.

These outcomes underscore the need for preserving control of known diabetes and prompt diagnosis of new situations should diabetic ketoacidosis symptoms occur, Ghetti said. The UC Davis experts studied 33 kids with type 1 diabetes and a brief history of diabetic ketoacidosis, and 29 diabetic kids without history of this episode. They compared the children’s capability to recall events and associations, as measured by basic tests. Children with a brief history of ketoacidosis performed significantly worse on the memory space tests than children without a history, they found.Centerstone employs accredited Mental Health First Aid trainers and can attest to the incredible difference this education makes in communities. Support the Excellence in Mental Wellness Act, which will be reintroduced in Congress in the arriving weeks. This legislation will increase access to and enhance the quality of community behavioral health care. Funding life-saving crisis solutions in all 50 states. Too little crisis response providers in many states has created a host in which the criminal justice system has become the number one mental health service provider in the US.