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We found that UVB exposure induced melanoma in 43 % of the 194 treated fish a much higher rate than the 18.5 % incidence in the control group that UV radiation UV exposure, said Mitchell. This was expected because UVB exposure at an early age is a well-established cause of melanoma.

UVA is carcinogenic for squamous The fish were also causes premature aging of the skin and suppresses the immune system. It is also possible, the authors note that long-term chronic exposure to UVA, the progression to malignancy of melanocytes in the skin, accelerate the already on the way to melanoma. Mitchell and colleagues tested the effect of UV-A and UV – B exposure in melanoma-prone fish hybrids that spontaneously spontaneously 15-20 % of the time without exposure to UV light.When: Wednesday, November 2008 17.15 clock Cocktail Reception 18:30 official ceremonyWhat: National Gallery of Canada Great Hall Ottawa, Ontario – An Alliance for Health Discovery, of Canada Provincial Health research institutions and national media sponsorship the event, the Globe and Mail the CIHR Banquet will place in cooperation with which Government of Canada, the healthcare Charities Coalition of United States, research Canadian.

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